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Latest ZONG Postpaid Packages & Bills (2021)

In this post, you will get to know everything about Zong Postpaid packages and Zong postpaid bill payments. But if you believe we’ve missed something, do let us know in the comments. Or call Zong postpaid helpline for more information. 

Let’s get started with the company’s combo Z Packages having all minutes, data, and SMS combined for you.  

Exciting Zong Postpaid Packages

What’s exciting about Zong postpaid packages? Its unlimited on-net calls, SMS, and ample data. Let’s talk about Z Packages, Zong postpaid addons, and helplines. 

All Z Packages for Zong Postpaid 

+2GB WhatsApp
300 Off-net
1,500 On-net
+4GB WhatsApp
500 Off-net
Unlimited On-net
Z1200Rs.1200+tax 15GB
+5GB WhatsApp
800 Off-net
Unlimited On-net
Z2500Rs.2500+tax 35GB
+10GB WhatsApp
1200 Off-net
Unlimited On-net
>Advance Income Tax (AIT) rate of 12.5% applies on every recharge
>Sales tax (GST) of 19.5% on usage applies

When you prefer postpaid over prepaid connection, you always want that “Pooray Maheeney Ka Sakoon”. Don’t you? So enjoy these bundles and shake your world.

The company has designed all the Z Packages to cater to your needs. You don’t want to recharge your balance again and again to relish the freedom. 

Zong Postpaid Addons

All the Zong postpaid packages provide ample data, minutes, and SMS. But you are a full-time digital geek and want more. Zong has got you covered with its addons. Extend your fun and boost your bundles to your content with these addons. 

Data Addon 3GBRs.250+Tax3GB
Data Addon 10GBRs.600+Tax10GB
Data Addon 20GBRs.1000+Tax20GB
YouTube Addon 12GBRs.500+Tax12GB
YouTube Addon 25GBRs.800+Tax25GB
All Voice 500Rs. 550+Tax 500 Mins
All Voice 1000Rs.1000+Tax1000 Mins
SMS 300 Rs. 25+Tax300 SMS
SMS 700Rs. 50+Tax700 SMS
Unlimited SMSRs. 90+TaxUnlimited SMS
Validity: Till End of Billing Cycle (1-Month)
Activation Codes: *567#, 310 Smart IVR, My Zong APP, *310#, E-Care, Online Shop

Zong Postpaid Bill & Payment

In today’s world, ease of paying is important. Isn’t it? Zong knows about it and that’s why it has provided every payment method available in Pakistan. Check out all these methods to pay your Zong postpaid bill seamlessly. 

You can use Zong Load Service, scratch card, cash, bank cards, netbanking, and online recharge to pay your postpaid bill.

Zong Load

Recharge your postpaid or prepaid account by visiting your nearest Zong franchise or retail point. All you need is to provide your mobile number and desired amount to the retailer. 

Scratch Card

Pay your Zong postpaid bill using scratch cards available for Rs.100, Rs.300, Rs.500 and Rs.1000. Dial 101 or enter *101*PIN# to recharge your account. Replace ‘PIN’ with scratch card number. 

Free Email Bill

Yes you can also receive the bill of your Zong postpaid connection by sending‘ EBSUB[Your-Email]’ to 3100. For unsubscribing to it, send EBUN to 3100. Send SMS ‘EACNew-Email’ to 3100

Cash/Debit/Credit Cards

Recharge your account using the cash or your debit or credit card. You can also use the designated bank’s ATM machine for doing so. You need to call Zong postpaid helpline to get information about it. 

Online Banking & Franchises

You can also do the payment through online banking, franchises, and service centers. Go to your bank’s app or Zong franchises to do so. . 

Online Recharge on Zong Website

Click here to recharge your postpaid connection online using the official website. Enter your Zong number and select the amount to recharge. And then pay using debit or credit card or Easypaisa. Of course you need to enter the captcha and click ‘Go’.

Zong Postpaid Bill

Zong Postpaid Helpline

Zong helpline is 310 and the postpaid has no different helpline number. You can call the Zong postpaid helpline from your Zong number any time.

You will get connected to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system for free. But if you talk to the customer service officer, Rs.2 excluding taxes will be charged. 

If you want to reach out to the company from other networks than Zong, dial (051) 111-222-11. Standard charges will apply. For switching to the Zong network, the MNP helpline number is 0314-3334455

Do you want to stop Zong’s promotional messages? Use the blue button below to go to Zong’s SMS blocking service. 

Enter  your mobile number and verification code to stop getting all the promotional messages. 

Stop Zong Promo Messages

FAQs about Zong Postpaid Packages

If you are new to Zong postpaid connectivity, have a look at the FAQs below. Ask your questions in the comments below, if we have missed something. 

How can I check my Zong postpaid bill?

To check your Zong postpaid bill, write an SMS ‘BL’ and send it to 567. You will get all the information about bills, free minutes, SMS, and available data. The replying message from Zong also contains details for advance payments. 

You can also get a free email bill by sending ‘EBSUB [Your-Email]’ to 3100. For unsubscribing to it, send EBUN to 3100.

How can I pay my Zong postpaid bill?

Pay your bill using ATM, banks IVR, netbanking, scratch card, zong load, and branchless banking. You can also pay your dues here online. 

How can I complain in Zong?

The best method to report your complaint to Zong is calling its helpline 310. You will be charged Rs.2 excluding taxes. Otherwise, you can also use their social media profiles or customercare@zong.com.pk to do so. Do a live chat with a Zong representative for free.

What is the Zong addon package?

Zong addon packages offer an extension to your current Z package. For example, you can add 10GB of data to your current Z package for Rs.600 excluding taxes. Check out other Zong add-on packages on this page. 

What is Zong postpaid credit limit?

To know your credit limit, send ‘CL’ to 567 to get your current monthly postpaid credit limit. When you activate any postpaid package, you get an SMS containing your credit limit, which is equal to the initial security deposit. 

How can I check available free minutes, SMS, and data?

Send ‘BL’ to 567 or simply dial *102# and follow the instructions to know all the free minutes, SMS, and data available for you. 

What is Zong postpaid billing cycle?

There’s only one billing cycle available which starts from 1-30/31st of the month. 

Zong Postpaid Packages

Zong Postpaid Packages Summarized

All these Zong postpaid combo packages are great to go with if you don’t want to get run for recharge again and again. Zong stood second in the recent Ookla speed test awards. If you want to do the Zong speed test, do it using our Internet Speed Checker

What do you think about these packages? Do let us know in the comments below.  

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