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Latest ZONG Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly, Daily (2021)

Zong internet packages are solid data plans to provide you with continuous connectivity across Pakistan. The company is the country’s second-largest mobile service provider after Jazz. It also ranked 1st in the previous and 2nd in the recent Ookla speed test awards.

Let’s have a look at all the exciting social, daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages now. 

Zong Social Internet Packages

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Daily Facebook500MBRs.5 Rs.5*32#1 Day
Social Pack
(FB, WhatsApp & Twitter)
100 MBRs.10Rs.12*6464#1 Day
Classified Pack50MBRs.5Rs.6*6464#1 Day
YouTube Weekly8GBRs.135Rs.135*570#1 Week
IMO Monthly2GBRs.50Rs.50*466#1 Month
Whatsapp Offer 4GBRs.50Rs.50*247#1 Month
Facebook Monthly6GBRs.100Rs.100*250# 1 Month

You use social media daily. Don’t you? That’s why Zong has brought you a variety of social internet packages depending on your data needs. For example, if you want to use WhatsApp only, go for WhatsApp Offer for Rs.50 and get 4GB of data per month. 

Zong Daily Internet Packages

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Daily Basic100MBRs.17Rs.20.4'db' to 64641 Day
Day time Offer1200MBRs.16Rs.19.2'dto' to 64641 Day
Good Night Offer2.5GBRs.16Rs.19.2'gno' to 64641 Day
Daily Data Max500MBRs.38Rs.45.6*5#1 Day

We love the variety of daily Zong internet bundles. Do you want half a GB of data for YouTube and half a GB for other use? Get the Daily Data Max for Rs.38 + tax only.

But if you are up for the night, enjoy Good Night Offer for Rs.16 + tax and get 2.5GB from 1 am to 9 am. Look at other Zong daily internet packages now. 

Zong Weekly Internet Packages

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Super Weekly Offer 2.5GBRs.165Rs.165*220#1 Week
Super Weekly Plus7GBRs. 240Rs. 240*20#1 Week
Super Weekly Max30GBRs. 299Rs. 299*220#1 Week
Super Weekly Premium30GB
+100 All-Network Mins
Rs 330Rs 330*225#1 Week

Zong weekly packages for the internet are also market competitive. At MobileHQ, we currently use their Super Weekly Premium for Rs.330 to get 30GB of data and 100 all network minutes.

But if you use the internet seldom, opt for Zong Super Weekly and get 2.5GB of data for Rs.165 only. Let’s have a look at other weekly internet bundles.

Zong Monthly Internet Packages

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Monthly Basic 500MBRs.150Rs.180*6464# 30 Days
Monthly Premium5GBRs.500Rs.500*6464#30 Days
To subscribe to any Zong internet package, dial *6464# & follow instructions

If you want “Puray Maheenay Ka Sakoon”, Zong internet packages have got you covered. Enjoy Zong Monthly Premium 30GB for Rs.1000. It has 15GB for YouTube only and 15GB flat data.

Anyway, let’s jump on the table for monthly internet packages by Zong. 

Zong Data SIM Packages

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Data SIM Bundle4GB+4GB
Rs.750Rs.750*6666#30 Days
Data SIM Bundle12GB+12GB
Rs.1,200Rs.1,200*6666#30 Days
Data SIM Bundle30GBRs.1,800Rs.1,800*6666#30 Days
Data SIM Bundle60GBRs.2,000Rs.2,000*6666#30 Days
Data SIM Bundle175GB+100GB
(1am TO 9am)
Rs.3,250Rs.3,250*6666#30 Days
Prepaid Add-on1GB
(9am to 4pm)
Rs.570Rs.570*6666#As per base bundle
Prepaid Add-on1GB
(1am to 9am)
Rs.230Rs.230*6666#As per base bundle
New Tariff Data SIM3GB/mRs.1,150Rs.1,150Visit Zong Point3 Months
New Tariff Data SIM12GB/mRs.2,790Rs.2,790Visit Zong Point3 Months

Have a look at some recent Zong internet offers, including Zong Data SIM packages and Zong device packages. These bundles are more generous than the regular ones. The network is the same though, so you will not see any difference in internet speed. 

Zong 4G Device MBB Packages

We have created a separate post for everything about the Zong 4G device. So, click on the blue button to go there for packages, how-to, and FAQs.

Zong 4G device bundles and Zong MBB packages are the same. MBB stands for Mobile BroadBand internet connection. Click on the image below for FAQs and more details.

Zong 4G Device MBB Pckages

Other Zong Internet Packages & Offers

Zong keeps rolling special offers for its customers. We keep updating the information here at MobileHQ, so keep coming back. For now, check out the latest Zong offers.

Zong SIM Lagao Offer

Zong SIM Lagao Offer

With SIM Lagao Offer, you get 2GB Monthly data, 100 Zong Minutes, 100 SMS for all networks for 60 days. To enjoy the offer, your SIM must be inactive for continuous 30 days. Dial *2244# without any recharge.

Zong New SIM Offer

Zong New SIM Offer

All new Zong GSM Prepaid subscribers are eligible for upfront 2GB Data, 1GB Facebook data, 1GB WhatsApp data, and 1000 Zong to Zong minutes for 7 days. All you need to do is dial *10#. Note that the offer’s 2GBs data will not be available from 7 pm to 12 am in the night. 

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages

There are no postpaid bundles solely for internet. You need to subscribe to any Z Package before you can enjoy Zong postpaid data addons. Check these Zong postpaid internet bundles now.

  • zData 3GB for Rs.250+tax
  • zData 10GB for Rs.600+tax
  • zData 20GB for Rs.1000+tax
  • YouTube 12GB for Rs.500+tax
  • YouTube 25GB for Rs.800+tax

Click on the button to check all the postpaid packages & billing information by Zong.


But if you don’t want to go there, download the image given below for all the Zong internet packages and codes.

Zong Internet Packages

FAQs About Zong Internet Packages

Do you have questions about Zong and its internet services? Leave them in a comment below, and we will include them in the FAQs question.

What is Zong helpline?

Zong helpline is 310 if you already have a Zong connection. You can call them anytime. Enjoy the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and press relevant buttons. You will be charged almost Rs.2.4 per call only if you talk to the Customer Services Officer. 

Another method is to type “help” in the message section and send it to 310. SMS is free. And yes, you can also do a Zong live chat here. Just be a little patient.

Dial 0314-3334455 if you are looking for an MNP helpline for switching to the Zong network. Dial (051) 111-222-111 from other networks. Normal charges may apply.

What is Zong balance share code?

Yaari Load helps you share balance with your loved ones. Dial *828# and follow the instructions. Or dial *828*031xxxxxxxx*Amount# to avoid instructions and directly share the balance.

031xxxxxxxx ki jaga uska number likhain jisay ap balance share krna chahtay hein or Amount ki jaga balance likhain jitna share krna chahtay hein.

What is Zong free internet code?

Avail free 200MB data daily for 30 days. You can only enjoy the offer if you use the Zong App for at-least 1 hour. The data given daily expires at 11:59 pm. The offer is only for Zong Prepaid Customers who have installed My Zong App for the first time.

What is Zong advance code?

The company calls it ‘Rescue 911 Service’. Dial *911# or *112# or *0# or *456# and get Rs.25 in advance or as a loan. You will be charged Rs.4.19 when you return the loan.

How to activate any Zong internet package?

Dial *6464# for activating any Zong data bundle. You need to select a specific Zong net package before activation.

How to check Zong number?

To know your Zong number, write a message, “MYNO” and send it to 777. Charges are approx. Rs.2.4 for checking your number.

How to do Zong MB check?

To check the remaining MBs or data usage, dial *102# from your Zong number. Charges for that are 10 paisas + tax per inquiry.

How to load Zong card?

Dial 101 and follow the instructions or dial *101*PIN# to load the Zong card.

What is out of bundle rate?

If your internet package expires, you will be charged approx. Rs.1.2 per MB.

What is Zong balance check code?

dial *222# or call Zong helpline 310 to know your credit or check your Zong balance.

How do I do Zong speed test?

Go to our Internet Speed Checker to check your Zong internet speed. We have created this tool using Ookla SpeedTest technology.

Summarizing Zong Internet Packages

We have been using Zong internet bundles for years, and we love them. Yes, we use Zong connection at MobileHQ here. But we expect better internet speed at times. That’s why you would like to check out other internet packages as well.

What do you think about these Zong data bundles? Let us know in the comments below.

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