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Lates ZONG Facebook Package Monthly, Weekly, & Daily (2021)

You have come to the right place if you are searching for the latest Zong Facebook packages. We at MobileHQ keep updating this post, so keep coming back to check them out. 

In this post, we’ll talk about Zong’s monthly, weekly, and daily Facebook packages. Also, we’ll get to know how you can use Facebook for free on your Zong 4G SIM. 

We’ve also answered some of your questions. But if we have missed something, let us know in the comments below. Let’s get started now. 

Zong Facebook Package Monthly

Since the rise of social media, telecom companies have come forward to cater to its users’ needs. And Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms in the world. That’s why Zong has offered a phenomenal monthly bundle for using Facebook seamlessly. 


Yes, you can relish all the features of Facebook for Rs.100 per month with 6GB of data. The price is inclusive of taxes and you need a balance load of Rs.100. The code for subscribing to Zong monthly Facebook package is *250#

Zong Facebook Package Weekly

Unfortunately, there’s no Zong Facebook weekly package. But you can enjoy other Zong internet weekly bundles here. Maybe it’s because you can enjoy using Facebook for a reasonable price of Rs.100 per month.

There are also no Zong Facebook packages for 3 days or 15 days. Comment below if you believe Zong should offer a 3-day, 15-day, or weekly package for Facebook. 

Zong Facebook Package Daily

Zong offers a daily Facebook bundle for Rs.5 for the entire day inclusive of taxes. It means if you have Rs.5 in your balance, you can enjoy the package. The code for subscribing to this bundle is *32# to enjoy 500MB of data for Facebook.  


Our Recommendation: Zong Social Pack

We believe you should go with Zong Social Pack because it offers data to use Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter. The price for all-in-one social package is only Rs.10 for 1-day validity. Dial *6464# to subscribe to the bundle.

Zong Facebook Free Service

Zong offers Facebook Flex service to allow you to use Facebook for free with absolutely zero balance. There’s a light-switch toggle button available for Android or iOS smartphones. All you need is to switch between Data Mode to Free Mode on Facebook or in a browser. 

With this Zong Facebook free service, you can post status updates, react to, and post on posts. You can also do check-ins, send friend’s request, and chat for free. And yes, you don’t need to subscribe to Facebook Flex. You’re already in!

Zong Facebook Messenger Package

Enjoy using Facebook Messenger for free on Zong 4G SIM. From chatting to sharing pictures with your friends and family members, you can do it all. But you cannot call for free. For doing a video or voice call, subscribe to other internet packages by Zong

And yes, there’s no Zong free Facebook Messenger code. All you need is just start using your Facebook Messenger for free if you are a Zong’s customer. 

All Zong Social Packages

Daily Facebook500MBRs.5 Rs.5*32#1 Day
Social Pack
(FB, WhatsApp & Twitter)
100 MBRs.10Rs.12*6464#1 Day
Classified Pack50MBRs.5Rs.6*6464#1 Day
YouTube Weekly8GBRs.135Rs.135*570#1 Week
IMO Monthly2GBRs.50Rs.50*466#1 Month
Whatsapp Offer 4GBRs.50Rs.50*247#1 Month
Facebook Monthly6GBRs.100Rs.100*250# 1 Month

FAQs for Zong Facebook Packages

How to subscribe to Zong Facebook monthly package?

Dial *250# to subscribe to the Zong monthly bundle for Facebook. Or you can also send an SMS ‘MFB’ to 6464 for that.

How to subscribe to the Zong weekly Facebook package?

Dial *32# to enjoy all the features of Facebook anywhere and everywhere across Pakistan.

What is the Zong monthly and daily Facebook package check code?

Dial *102# to check the remaining MBs in your Zong Facebook monthly or weekly package. Or you can just go to your My Zong App. Charges for that are 10 paisa+tax per inquiry.

Who can subscribe to Zong Facebook bundles?

You can subscribe to all these bundles for Facebook if you’re a Zong’s prepaid customer. Go here for Zong postpaid bundles.

Can I do video or voice calls on Facebook?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot use the data of Facebook package for video or voice calls on Facebook. It’s for complying to Facebook’s policies. But you can view photos, videos, and do other things hassle-free.

How can I use Facebook for free on Zong?

For using Facebook for free on Zong connection, you need to switch between Data Mode to Free Mode. Or you can download Free Basics App or go to 0.freebasics.com to enjoy Facebook for free. And not only that, you can browse many other websites as well.

Summarizing Zong Facebook Packages

We believe the company has brilliantly offered all these various bundles at reasonable prices. Which particular Zong Ka Facebook package do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below. And click here for checking other internet bundles by Zong

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