WorldCall Internet Packages

Latest WorldCall INTERNET Packages & FAQs (2021)

WorldCall internet packages provide you with data speed from 1Mbps to 10Mbps in Lahore and Karachi. WorldCall Telecom is not for you if you live in other cities of Pakistan. And you might want to check other internet packages here.

The new WorldCall data bundles run on DOCSIS 3.0 which allows high-speed data transfer. The company names their cable broadband bundles as ‘Thunder’. Let’s jump into knowing WorldCall bundles now.

WorldCall Internet Packages

Thunder 1, Thunder 2, and Thunder 4 give you the data transfer speed of 1Mbps, 2Mbps, and 4Mbps respectively. And the list goes on to 10Mbps with Thunder 10.

WorldCallDATAPRICESPEEDUnique Selling Point
Thunder 1UnlimitedRs.6991MbpsReliable Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network
Thunder 2UnlimitedRs.9992MbpsReal-Time Application
Thunder 4UnlimitedRs.15004MbpsFree Cable TV
Thunder 6UnlimitedRs.25006MbpsFree Cable TV
Thunder 8UnlimitedRs.30008MbpsFree Cable TV
Thunder 10UnlimitedRs.350010MbpsFree Cable TV
>The company charges 14% advance tax in Lahore as per the government's law.
>Set-up costs Rs.2000 almost.
> Real-Time Application means online gaming, video-conferencing, etc.

WorldCall Digital TV Packages

You can order a Digital TV connection for Rs.4000 and start watching more than 120 digital & HD channels. The company claims to be providing crisp and clear picture quality, with loads of functions in the TV including parental control. 

WorldCall Telecom Digital TV

WorldCall Cable TV Packages

You can enjoy a variety of satellite and in-house channels seamlessly. The WorldCall Cable TV packages start from Rs.450 for Lahore and 550 for Karachi. The company offers more than 80 channels as per its official website. 

WorldCall Telecom Cable TV

FAQs for WorldCall Internet Packages & TV Bundles

What is WorldCall?

WorldCall is Pakistan’s telecom and multimedia service provider, founded by Salman Taseer in 1996. In 2008, it was acquired by Omantel, the telecom company from Oman. The company provides internet and multimedia connectivity in Lahore and Karachi only. 

Why choose WorldCall Telecom Cable Broadband?

You should choose the WorldCall Cable Broadband service for continuous connectivity in Lahore and Karachi. The company brags about the followings benefits:

> 10Mbps internet speed (Max.)
> Unlimited downloads
> Reliable Hybrid Fiber Coaxial Network
> Online gaming, video conferencing, etc. 

Is WorldCall Telecom available in my city?

The WorldCall is only available in Lahore and Karachi. So, yes, if you live in these cities. 

What is the WorldCall helpline number?

The WorldCall helpline is (042) 111-111-965, the WhatsApp number is +92-302-8422965 and the email is

How to activate the WorldCall connection?

Call (042) 111-111-965 or visit the WorldCall office in Lahore or Karachi. Once you place the order, the installation team will visit your place to set-up your connection. Select the bundle from WorldCall internet packages according to your needs.

How do I pay my WorldCall bill?

WorldCall has assigned the collection representatives to collect bill dues from your premises. Or you can also pay bills at the nearest WorldCall Customer Care Center. Paying online through WorldCall Customer e-Portal is also hassle-free. 

What are the first-time setup costs?

The first-time setup costs for modem and connection cables is approx. Rs.2000. 

How many channels do WorldCall Cable and Digital TV offer?

WorldCall Cable TV and Digital TV offer more than 80 and 120 channels, respectively. The channels are a mix of international and local TV channels. 

Do I need a special TV for the WorldCall Digital TV service?

No, not at all. All you need is a TV and you can order for a Set-Top Box and WorldCall Cable connection. But, we recommend using a Digital TV for an immersive experience. 

About WorldCall Telecom


Founded by Salman Taseer and currently owned by Omantel, WorldCall Telecom provides connectivity to its customer-base in Lahore and Karachi. Some of its corporate clients include HBL, NBP, SBP, British Council, Mobilink, PTCL, Unicef, etc. 

Going back to history, WorldCall launched its business with payphone operations in 1996. The tech innovation led the company to provide a range of services including cable TV, internet, and real-time applications like video-conferencing.

As the company puts it,

“From Cable Broadband to Wireless Broadband, from Cable TV to Video on Demand, from LDI Services and Fiber Optic Network to Wireless Local Loop Telephony, WTL has crossed a number of milestones.”

Concluding, we believe the WorldCall internet packages are a great choice for Lahoris and Karachites without a doubt. Go to our internet speed checker for doing the WorldCall speed test.

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