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All the Latest WATEEN Internet Packages & FAQs (2021)

Wateen internet packages have competitive pricing, depending on the data speed. You also need to bear some upfront costs at the start. Have a look at the table below for details. For comparison, check the internet bundles offered by other internet service providers in Pakistan including PTCL, Stormfiber, Nayatel, Optix, and Multinet. 

But, let’s have a look at the Wateen broadband internet packages for now. 

Wateen Internet Packages for Consumers

Wateen internet unlimited packages don’t have a cap on them. It means you can continue enjoying all the internet packages as much as you want. But Wateen’s Fair Use Policy (FUP) will be applicable. According to it, the company downgrades your internet experience after you cross 3 TBs in a single month. 

Wateen Internet PackagesMonthly Line RentOne-time CostMin. Credit Limit First-Time Total
10 Mbps UnlimitedRs.2,673/-
16 Mbps UnlimitedRs.3,614/-Rs.10,158/-Rs.500/-Rs.14,272/-
20 Mbps UnlimitedRs.3,749/-Rs.10,158/-Rs.500/-Rs.14,407/-
24 Mbps UnlimitedRs.4,421/-Rs.10,158/-Rs.500/-Rs.15,079/-
35 Mbps UnlimitedRs.6,034/-Rs.10,158/-Rs.500/-Rs.16,692/-
50 Mbps UnlimitedRs.9,126/-Rs.10,158/-Rs.500/-Rs.19,784/-
75 Mbps Unlimited Rs.13,832/-Rs.10,158/-Rs.500/-Rs.24,490/-
100 Mbps UnlimitedRs.20,554/-Rs.10,158/-Rs.500/-Rs.31,212/-
Charges for all the Wateen Internet bundles are inclusive of taxes. You will only pay monthly line rent after the first-time total cost given in the last column. Please note that 1 internet connection gives you one telephone line.

These Wateen GPON internet packages use Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology. It helps you get end-to-end fiber optic connectivity, ensuring faster and smoother data transfer. Do the Wateen speed test of your connection at MobileHQ’s Internet Speed Checker if you want. 

Static Wateen IP Address for Wateen Internet Packages

A static IP address doesn’t change, unlike the dynamic one. Wateen static IP service comes with extra charges given below.

IP PoolUseable IPsMonthly Rent
4 Pool1Rs.336/-
8 Pool5Rs.672/-
16 Pool13Rs.1,344/-
32 Pool29 Rs.2,689/-

Let’s have a look at pros and cons of static IP address now.

  • Better DNS support
  • Hassle-free VPN
  • More reliable communication
  • Efficient geo-location services
  • Higher cost
  • More hackable

Wateen Internet Packages for Corporates

Wateen corporate internet packages offer reliable connectivity for over 200 corporations in Pakistan. The company helps your business enjoy video conferencing, cloud computing, and surveillance systems.

Wateen Dedicated Internet Access

Wateen Dedicated Internet Access offers reliable connectivity for your business. The company guarantees stable and high-speed internet with maximum uptime. The upfront cost estimation for a full-fledged business can be around Rs. 150,000.

However, there are no fixed Wateen packages for dedicated internet connection. You need to call the Wateen helpline or visit the nearest branch. The company will send the team for surveying your area to let you know the charges.

Download this brochure to get more information.

Wateen Cable Internet Packages

Wateen does not provide cable TV internet packages separately. You need to have a Wateen TriplePay package to enjoy analog or digital TV. There are extra charges to use the service. And that is probably available for Lahore Gulberg, DHA Lahore, and Islamabad only. Talk to the customer care agent at Wateen helpline for more information. 

Wateen Speed Test

We have created an internet speed checker using the world-renowned Ookla SpeedTest technology. It’s a wonderful speed testing tool to check your speed regardless of your internet service provider. You might want to use it when you are complaining about the speed of your internet service provider. You can always come back and do the Wateen speed test by clicking the button below.

About Wateen

FAQs About Wateen Internet

We have answered most of the questions asked by you. But you can always ask more questions in the comments below. We will answer them in the FAQ section as soon as possible. 

What is Wateen’s helpline?

Wateen helpline is 111-365-111 if you have a Wateen calling device. But if you have some other phone connection, you should add the city’s code before the Wateen internet contact number. For Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad, it’s 042, 021, 051, respectively. For example, the Wateen helpline for head office (Lahore) is 042-111-365-111.

How do I subscribe to Wateen internet packages?

Call the Wateen helpline or visit the nearest branch to subscribe to any of your favorite Wateen internet bundles.

How can I do the Wateen speed test?

How are Wateen Internet reviews?

Wateen internet reviews are good with a 4.1-star rating out of 5 on Glassdoor. But those reviews are by the company’s employees. The company provides end-to-end fiber connections so you may enjoy enough internet speed and uptime.

What is the Wateen coverage area?

Wateen is available in most of the big cities of Pakistan. But you need to call 111-365-111 for knowing about the exact Wateen internet coverage area.

What are Wateen’s monthly internet packages?

Wateen has monthly internet packages only. You can go back to the package tables to get more information about that.

How Wateen internet bill works, and how do I pay it?

Wateen internet bill is delivered to your address, and you should pay it before the last payment date, obviously. You can pay your monthly bill by cheque, cash, ATMs, EasyPaisa, Jazz Cash, UBL Omni, and net-banking.

Using the Wateen Self-Care app to get account credentials and billing information is also accessible. But the reviews for the app are not satisfactory. The company recommends cash and cheque for first-time payment.

What is Wateen’s internet IP address?

The default IP address for the Wateen IX380 device is, while the default username and password is ‘user.’ After you hit ‘Enter’ to login, you can change your credentials on the control panel.

If it doesn’t work, reset your modem by clicking on the reset button at the back or bottom of your router. Hold the button for almost 20 seconds. And that’s it!

How do I get the Wateen internet connection?

To get the Wateen internet connection, call (042) 111-365-111. Let the agent know your location, and s/he will help you out. You will have to bear an upfront one-time subscription for 10,160 and 500 for calling credit limit along with the relevant monthly line-rent. If you are a business, these charges may be different.

What are CIR Wateen data packages?

Wateen CIR (Committed Information Rate) packages are for businesses. And the company lets you know the packages and charges according to your business needs. You contact Wateen, the team creates a report after a survey.

How do I get a Wateen internet device?

You need to talk to Wateen’s customer care agent before getting a Wateen internet device. The supplied items are modem, switch-mode power supply, RJ-45 10/100 BaseT Ethernet cable, and user manual.

Why is my Wateen internet down?

Wateen works on a shared and dedicated internet access system. If you have a shared internet connection, you may feel your Wateen internet down because of the increased number of users at the time. Wait a bit and call Wateen’s helpline if the problem persists.

Wateen internet packages are market competitive without a doubt. But you would want to see and compare other internet packages available in Pakistan.

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