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Latest Telenor SMS Package Monthly, Weekly, & Daily (2021)

Telenor SMS package provides a terrific messaging service with daily, weekly, fortnightly, and monthly validities. Most other sites on Google provide wrong or old information about it. That’s why we confirmed these Telenor SMS bundles from the official sources so you can trust them. 

We have also answered frequently asked questions, but you can still ask more in the comments below. Also, get to know all the codes like Telenor SMS check code *111#. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Prepaid Telenor SMS Package List

Let’s have a look at monthly, weekly, and daily Telenor message packages.

Telenor SMS Packages Monthly

The latest Telenor monthly SMS bundle 10000 provides you 10,000 SMS with 1GB for WhatsApp. Let’s get to know more details about the bundles now.

Monthly SMS Bundle6,000Rs.47.8*345*363#1 Month
Monthly Messaging Bundle10,000
(1GB for WhatsApp)
Rs.47.8*2*2*3#1 Month
Telenor SMS Packages Monthly

Telenor has associated its Telenor SMS monthly packages with convenience. Why? It’s because you can send tons of messages to any network across Pakistan. You can activate the offers through the website, My Telenor App, and relevant codes.

Telenor SMS Packages 15 Days

Telenor SMS Packages 15

Telenor SMS bundles for 15 days are also exciting. One Telenor SMS 15 Day Bundle has 800 SMS, and the other one has 3500 with 200MB for WhatsApp. What else do you want? 

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle800Rs.17*345*112#15 Days
15 Day Messaging Bundle3500
(200MB for WhatsApp)
Rs. 41.83*2*2*5#15 Days

It’s up to you which Telenor SMS package 15 days you choose, but we will recommend you going for the SMS-WhatsApp combo offer. Why? It’s because you get more value with almost the same pricing. 

Telenor SMS Packages Weekly

Telenor SMS Packages Weekly

Enjoy the Telenor weekly SMS package with 100MB WhatsApp data & 1200 messages for only Rs.11.94. Or else, you can end up consuming Rs.15 for getting 1200 SMS only. Which Telenor SMS bundle you choose is up to you.

Weekly SMS Bundle1200Rs.15.5*345*117#7 Days
Weekly SMS WhatsApp1200
(100MB for WhatsApp)
Rs. 11.94*2*2*2#7 Days

Telenor weekly SMS package code for SMS only is *345*117# and for SMS with WhatsApp data is *2*2*2#. And dial *111# to check Telenor SMS. Check other social internet packages by Telenor here.

Telenor SMS Packages Daily

Telenor SMS Packages Daily

Telenor daily SMS bundle provides you 300 messages for only Rs.2.5 with 1 day validity. The other SMS bundle offers 240 messages to any network across Pakistan, but for Rs.4.78 with 1 day validity.

Daily SMS Bundle
240Rs.4.78*345*116#1 Day
Daily Messaging Bundle300Rs. 2.5*2*2*1#1 Day

The code for Telenor SMS daily package is *2*2*1#. Dial *111# for checking the remaining Telenor SMS. And yes, you can send the messages to any network across Pakistan. 

Telenor POSTPAID SMS Packages

Telenor SMS Packages Postpaid

If you want “Pooray Maheeney Ka Sakoon”, then you must use the Telenor Postpaid connection. All SMS bundles for postpaid are renewed automatically. If you don’t have any specific bundle, you will be charged Rs.1/SMS. 

SMS Bundle 30250Rs.30*345*761#1 Month
SMS Bundle 60600Rs.60*345*762#1 Month
SMS Bundle 2006000Rs.200*345*763#1 Month

The code for subscribing to Telenor Postpaid SMS Packages is *345#. You can only subscribe to a single Telenor SMS bundle at a time. Visit the nearest Telenor franchise for more details or call Telenor helpline 1700.

FAQs about Telenor SMS

How to subscribe to Telenor SMS bundles?

Dial *345# for subscribing to Telenor SMS bundles. Or call 1700 for more information.

How can I send a Telenor SMS bundle?

You cannot send a bundle, but the Telenor credits or balance by dialing *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount# and pressing “1” to confirm the Telenor Smart Share.

What is Telenor 10000 monthly SMS package?

Telenor 10,000 monthly SMS package provides 10,000 messages to any network connection in Pakistan. And you also get 1GB for WhatsApp connectivity. Dial *2*2*3# for Rs.47.8 only.

How can I get Telenor weekly SMS package?

Dial *2*2*2# to get Telenor weekly SMS package right now. And send 1200 messages to any network connection across Pakistan. And yes, you also get 100MB for using WhatsApp.

How to share Telenor balance with your loved ones?

To share Telenor credits or balance with your loved ones, dial *1*1*923xxxxxxxxx*Amount# and press “1” to confirm. This service is called Telenor Smart Share. For example, if you want to send Rs.100 to 03451234567, you will dial *1*1*923451234567*100# and press “1” to confirm the transaction.

You can share from Rs.20 to Rs.200. And you can avail this service for 10 times in a day. The price for Telenor balance share is Rs.5.98 only. You cannot refund if you have mistakenly sent the balance to someone else.

And yes, you can also send the balance to Telenor users in Afghanistan, Belgium, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Egypt, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Hungary, and Kazakhstan.

How can I deactivate Telenor monthly SMS package?

To deactivate Telenor monthly, weekly, or daily SMS package, send “IR-OFF” to 345 or call 1700.

Is WhatsApp free on Telenor?

No, using WhatsApp is not free in the Telenor connection. But for just Rs.5, you can subscribe to WhatsApp data of 1.5GB for an entire month.

What is Telenor Info Services?

With this service, you can get freshest information on-the-go. The information may contain regional and national initiatives and fresh news related to entertainment and sports.

You can customize which information you want to get. Short code for Telenor Info Services is 6006. You can send ‘sub’ or ‘unsub’ to subscribe or unsubscribe to the service.

How can I check my remaining Telenor free SMS?

To check your remaining Telenor free SMS, you can always dial *111#. This code is for checking any package.

How can I know my Telenor package details?

Dial *111# for Telenor SMS details, *222# for Telenor minutes, and *999# for checking remaining internet MBs.

How to activate Telenor weekly SMS package?

Dial *2*2*2# to activate the Telenor weekly SMS package with 100MB WhatsApp data. Dial *345*117# to get 1200 SMS without WhatsApp data. .

How to check SMS history of Telenor number?

To get the message delivery report, send ‘sub’ to 9595 or dial *345*959#.

How to block Telenor promotional SMS?

You need to call 345 or 3737 to ask Telenor’s customer representative to block promotional messages and calls to your number.

How to check Telenor balance?

Telenor balance checking code is *444#. You will be charged Rs.0.12 per query.

How to check my Telenor number?

Telenor number check code is *8888#. Or you can send a blank SMS to 7421. There are no charges for checking your contact number.

How to get Telenor PUK code?

Dial 123 to get the Telenor PUK code.

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What Do You Think About Telenor SMS Package?

Telenor SMS Packages

Telenor’s packages for SMS are market-competitive and provide immediate messaging service to all networks across Pakistan. We have talked about pretty much everything about Telenor SMS services and bundles. But you may ask any question in the comments below. 

And meanwhile, check other telecom packages available in Pakistan.

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