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TELENOR Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly & Daily (2021)

In this post, you will know all the latest Telenor internet packages, Telenor 4G device packages, and Telenor internet SIM packages. But wait, there’s more. You will also have all the questions about Telenor packages answered. 

Do you know you can also do a Telenor speed test here? We have everything about the company’s bundles, including Telenor SIM Lagao Offer and many more. Let’s get started. 

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor internet packages for daily use are social media bundles, mostly. But you have got Telenor Raat Din Offer for enjoying data of 1.5GB from 12 am to 12 pm. Another Telenor 1 day internet package offers minutes and data as well. Let’s find out more. 

Rat Din Offer 1.5GBRs.18*150#12AM - 12PM
Daily Social Package50MBsRs.1.5*311#1 Day
Daily YouTube Package500MBRs.8*60#1 Day
Telenor 2G Daily250MBsRs.15*13#1 Day
Full Day Combo Offer50MBs+100MBs WhatsApp (unlimited on-net minutes)Rs.13*5*250#1 Day

We really want Telenor to come up with a full-on Telenor 1 day internet package with maximum MBs. Let’s hope the company responds to our desire.

Telenor 4G 3 Day Internet Package

There is only one Telenor internet package for 3 days. And that’s called 4G 3 Day Bundle. It offers 1GB internet data for 3 days with extra 500MBs from 12 am to 8 am. 

4G 3 Day Bundle1GB
(+500MB 12am-8am)
*32#3 Day

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

Telenor internet bundles for the week have various offers to cater to your social and other data needs. If you only want to video-call, you have a Zoom package. And if you are up for TikTok and Snapchat only, there’s a special package for that as well. 

Weekly Zoom Package5GBRs.80*345*56#7 Days
4G Weekly Late Night Offer30GB
Rs.50*19#7 Days
Weekly 6 to 6 Offer4GB Rs.55*71#7 Days
4G Weekly Super4GB
(+2GB 1am-11am)
Rs.110 *288#7 Days
4G Weekly Ultra8GB + 1GB GoonjRs.185*336#

Telenor weekly internet package code is also given in the table.

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Telenor monthly internet packages offer ample data for the entire month. There’s also a monthly social pack to offer 3GB for Facebook and WhatsApp for Rs.50 only. Let’s discover a few more exciting Telenor packages for the internet. 

Monthly Social Pack Plus5GB FB&WhatsApp
(+10K SMS)
Rs.75*660#30 Days
Monthly Ultra10GB
(+10GB 12am-8am)
Rs.450*335#30 Days
Monthly Social Pack3GB FB&WhatsAppRs.50*911#30 Days
Monthly Lite Offer2 GB
(+1GB for WhatsApp, Goonj & GameBox)
Rs.150*301#30 Days
Monthly Plus Bundle
10GBRs.896.25*345*136#30 Days
Monthly Starter Bundle
8 GB
(+4GB 1am-7am)
Rs.300*302#30 Days

Telenor 75GB 12am to 12pm Package (Newly Added)

Sirf 175 rupees bama tax mein 30 din k liye 75 GB (raat 12 se din 12 tak istamal ke liye) internet payen. Offer hasil karny k liye MyTelenor App par jayein.
PackageTelenor 75GB 12am to 12pm
SubscriptionClick to Subscribe
Validity30 Days

If you get this offer using your EasyPaisa account, Telenor will only charge you Rs.200/- in total.

Telenor Free Internet Packages

There are no Telenor free internet packages currently. But you can avail Telenor new SIM offer for free and SIM Lagao Offer.

Telenor New SIM Offer

Yes, you can enjoy 1GB of internet for free if you buy the company’s SIM. It’s a one-time offer, valid for 7 days, and applicable on all new SIMs. But, the offer is for prepaid connections only. 

Telenor SIM Lagao Offer

Enjoy the Telenor SIM Lagao Offer if you haven’t used the company’s SIM since July 12, 2020. It offers free internet data of 10GB (from 12 am to 7 pm) and 3000 on-net minutes with 60-day validity. Call 2222 or SMS ‘Free’ to 2222 for getting the offer. 

Telenor SIM Lagao Offer

Telenor Internet SIM Packages

If you are an avid user of Telenor internet packages, you should only go with the SIM data. Why? It’s because of the internet data available in these bundles. We call it ‘Pooray Maheeney Ka Sakoon’. Have a look at the table below. 

Monthly Value150GBRs.3800*345*1003#1 Month
Monthly Lite30GB
(+30GB 1am-7am)
Rs.1500*345*1001#1 Month
Monthly Starter15GBRs.750*345*2002#1 Month
Monthly Smart75GB
(+75GB 1am-7am)
Rs.2500*345*1002#1 Month

Telenor 4G Device Packages aka MBB Bundles

Enjoy the Mobile Broadband bundles using the Telenor 4G device for continuous connectivity. You can avail from 30 GBs to 275 GBs depending on the package you choose. Have a look at the table for more details. 

4G Monthly Lite30GB
(+30GB 1am-7am)
Rs.1500*345*1001#1 Month
Monthly Smart75GB
(+75GB 1am-7am)
Rs.2500*345*1002#1 Month
Monthly Value150GBRs.3800*345*1003#1 Month
Monthly Unlimited275GBRs.6000*345*1004#1 Month
4G 3 Month Bundle108GB
Rs.4000*345*1005#3 Months

Telenor Postpaid Internet Packages

If you prefer billing after you use the service, Telenor postpaid packages for the internet are there for you. The company defines them as ‘freedom’. So, enjoy the freedom of connectivity now by choosing a particular postpaid internet package, given below.

Freedom Internet 2502GBRs.250*345#1 Month
Freedom Internet 5005GBRs.500*345#1 Month
Freedom Internet 8008GBRs.800*345#1 Month
Freedom Internet 1200
12GBRs.1200*345#1 Month
Freedom Internet 200025GBRs.2000*345#1 Month
Data Add-On Bundle15GB
Rs.370+Tax*345*899#1 Month
5 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle5GBRs.186*345*78#1 Month
10 GB YouTube Add-On Bundle10GBRs.372*345*72#1 Month
Mega Data Bundle for Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore3GBRs.999*759#1 Month

More About Telenor Pakistan Connectivity

Telenor Pakistan is the second-largest cellular service provider in Pakistan. The Norwegian company ranked second during Q2-2018 with a mean download speed of 72 Mbps. Let’s get to know a bit more about it. 

Telenor Helpline Number

1700 is the Telenor helpline number for a Telenor user. Call (042) 111 345 100 if you use a network other than Telenor. You can also contact Telenor here online or send an email to

Telenor Internet Setting Code

Telenor internet setting code is 131. You can get the setting by writing ‘internet’ and sending it to 131. Replace ‘internet’ with ‘MMS’ or ‘wap’ for relevant settings. To configure your mobile phone setting manually, follow the instructions given below, or do it online

Telenor Internet Setting

Discover My Telenor App Now

My Telenor App is a wonderful app for getting updated and managing everything about your connection. Click here to download the app. The app keeps giving you exciting offers from the company. You can view, activate, and deactivate all your favorite offers and bundles.

Download My Telenor App

Buying the latest handsets, MBB and IoT devices within the app is hassle-free. And yes, you can also view all your call, SMS, and data history for up to 30 days. To download it, search for ‘my Telenor app’ on AppStore or Google Play Store, tap ‘install’, and that’s it. 

Telenor Speed Test

As we told you, the Telenor connection ranked second in the Ookla Speed Test awards in Q2-2018. If you are already enjoying Telenor internet bundles, click on the blue button to do the Telenor speed test.

FAQs for Telenor Internet Packages

We at MobileHQ always try to answer every query. But if you still have questions, you can

Let’s get started with frequently asked questions about Telenor data bundles now.

Which Telenor package is best for the internet?

Well, it truly depends on your needs and budget. We have given all the latest Telenor internet bundles, check them out in the tables.

How can I buy a Telenor internet package?

To buy it, you need to dial a specific code, depending on your internet package. Go to our table and see all the internet package codes there.

How can I get unlimited internet on Telenor?

There’s nothing called ‘unlimited’. But there are plenty of Telenor packages which offer comprehensive internet data to cater to your needs. Go to the relevant package table to know more.

What is the Telenor helpline number?

We have already answered it. But the Telenor helpline number is 1700. Call (042) 111 345 100 if you use a network other than Telenor.

Is WhatsApp free on Telenor?

WhatsApp’s free offer has been closed now. But you can enjoy Monthly WhatsApp Package for as low as Rs.5/- per month. It’s almost free, but not exactly.

Can I use my existing number with JS Raabta Current Account?

Yes, you may use your existing Telenor number for JS Raabta Current Account.

How to convert from DJuice to Telenor?

To convert from DJuice to Telenor, send ‘migrate’ to 345 or call 345661 for Rs.0.25 excluding taxes. Visiting the nearest sales and service center will help even more.

How can I check my Telenor package?

To checker your Telenor package, send ‘PP’ to 345 for Rs.2.39/SMS, including taxes.

How to check Telenor remaining MBs?

Telenor remaining data check is easy. Dial *200# to do Telenor remaining MBs check.

What is the download speed if I don’t use any Telenor internet package?

The default download speed is around 50Kbps. You should subscribe to some internet package to enjoy regular speed.

What if the retailer sends the internet easy load to a wrong mobile number?

You cannot reverse the transaction, so beware!

Summary of Telenor Internet Packages

Which Telenor data packages are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below. We read them all. Contact us if you find to add more information about Telenor packages, Telenor 4G device, and Telenor internet SIM bundles.

And in the meantime, you might also want to check other internet packages at MobileHQ. 

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