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Updated SIM Lagao Offers by Zong, Jazz, Telenor, & Ufone

Welcome to MobileHQ’s Content Hub for SIM Lagao Offer by all the telecom companies in Pakistan. The offer is for those who haven’t used their SIMs for over 30 days or more. The companies have come up with the offer to encourage the customers to come back to their relevant network. 

What’s the Offer?

The offer includes free resources like data, minutes, and messages for a selected period of time. The company distributes them over a specific period extending to 60 days. Telenor even confines users to use the data from 12am to 7pm only.

All the Offers by Zong, Jazz, Telenor & Ufone

We have created separate posts for such offers. Go for a particular offer, depending on the network you use. 

You’ll have all the information including relevant codes, resources, and FAQs. If you have any questions, ask us in the comments below. We always love and reply to them. 

Confirmation & Eligibility for the Offer

There are two methods for two methods for the confirmation and eligibility for the offer.

  1. Call the relevant company’s helpline

We don’t like the overall helpline experience from Jazz. But other companies like Zong, Ufone, and Telenor are doing great, comparatively.

Helplines for the telecom companies in Pakistan are:

  • Jazz Helpline: 111
  • Zong Helpline: 310
  • Ufone Helpline: 333
  • Telenor Helpline: 1700

Make a call and talk to the concerned customer care agent to see if you can enjoy the offer’s resources. The offer may differ depending on the city you live in Pakistan. 

  1. You can also do it by dialing a specific code

Confirm yourself if you haven’t used your SIM for 30 days or more. And then dial the code. But where are the codes? Let’s find out right now:

After dialing the relevant code, it may take from a few minutes to a few hours to receive the free resources. Got some problems doing it? Let us know in the comments below.

FAQs for the Offer

How can I activate my lagao offer?

It depends on the network you use for connectivity. Dial the relevant code from your telecom SIM. Dial *2244# on Zong, *551# on Jazz, 2222 on Telenor, *5000# on Ufone.

How can I get free GB on Zong?

To get free GBs on your Zong connection, you need to call the helpline 310. Or else, try the company’s SIM Lagao if you haven’t used your SIM for 30 days or more. And yes, there are a few codes you can try dialing. 

>*537*2# for 1500 MBs
>*568#*11#or *44#or *102# for a free 4GB
>*117*111*2# to enjoy 2GB data on your Zong SIM

And the list continues, but we don’t confirm if these codes will work. You must make a call to 310 for the best recommendation.

How can I check my remaining MBs in the SIM’s Lagao by Jazz?

You can check your remaining MBs in the offer by dialing *553*2#. Install and open the Jazz World app to view all the available resources on your account. Or else, dial Jazz helpline 111 to know the status.  Get more information about the offer here.

How can I use the internet for free?

There are several methods to use the internet for free. Enjoy any offer by telecom companies. Visit a few websites on the internet by visiting Go to a public place where there’s Wi-Fi available for public use. Or ask your neighbor or friend to share the password for his or her wireless connection 🙂

SIM Lagao Offer: Summary in Urdu

سم لگاؤ آفر

پاکستان میں ٹیلی کام کمپنیوں کی جانب سے سم لگاؤ آفر ان صارفین کے لیئے ہے جنہوں نے اپنی متعلقہ سم 30 یا اس سے ذیادہ دنوں تک استعمال نہیں کی۔ اگر وہ اپنی سم دوبارہ استعمال کرکے متعلقہ کوڈ ڈائل کرتے ہیں تو انکو مفت ڈیٹا، منٹ، اور ایس ایم ایس مل سکتے ہیں۔ اس آفر سے متعلق تفصیلی معلومات کے لیئے متعلقہ پوسٹس پر جائی

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