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All the Latest PTCL Packages & FAQs (2021)

PTCL packages are unlimited and come with Wi-Fi and telephony option. In this post, you will also know about the PTCL bill & methods to do PTCL complaint.

We have also provided all the PTCL Charji, PTCL Evo, and PTCL Smart TV packages. Pakistan’s national telecom company provides both, wired and wireless connections. 

At the end of this post, you can also do your PTCL speed test to complain about the internet. Let’s get to know all the latest PTCL internet packages with tax included. 

Latest PTCL Packages (Broadband & GPON)

PTCL provides high-speed internet connectivity with unlimited downloads to fulfill your browsing needs. You can continuously play video games, watch your favorite Netflix movies, and enjoy online learning experiences. Enjoy below-given PTCL bundles with DSL & GPON services right now. 

Up to 6 MbpsRs.1,799/m
Up to 8 MbpsRs.2,249/mUnlimitedFree
Up to 15 MbpsRs.2,749/mUnlimitedFree
Up to 25 MbpsRs.3,299/mUnlimitedFree
Up to 50 MbpsRs.5,099/mUnlimitedFree
Up to 100 MbpsRs.7,599/mUnlimitedFree

The salient features of the PTCL internet packages are:

  • Up to 100 Mbps internet speed
  • GPON fiber optic option
  • VDSL & DSL connectivity
  • Unlimited Bandwidth (Fair Usage Policy applies)

The company provides up to 20Mbps on ADSL, 50Mbps on VDSL, and 100Mbps on GPON fiber connection. If you are new to PTCL, you need to pay Rs.2499 for installation.

The installation charges for PTCL Double Play (Telephone & Internet) or Triple Play (Telephone, Internet, & Smart TV) are Rs. 5000 with tax included. PTCL internet packages are great only if you enjoy most of the services available.

Evo PTCL Packages


PTCL has discontinued Evo wireless broadband bundles for its faster Charji 4G LTE internet services. So, there are no Evo PTCL packages available. You should go to the next section now. 

Charji PTCL Packages

The unlimited Charji PTCL package comes for Rs.1999 per month with no hidden charges at all. It includes all the taxes. Discover other Charji packages now. 

20GBRs.10001 Month
30GBRs.12501 Month
50GBRs.15001 Month
Unlimited*Rs.19991 Month
*For the unlimited internet package, Fair Usage Policy applies according to which you can only enjoy 150GB.

PTCL internet packages are great if you choose Charji device for connectivity.

Smart TV PTCL Packages

PTCL Smart TV is Pakistan’s pioneer digital television service, offering over 120 live channels with over 12000 hours of entertaining content. The service is available in more than 150 cities of the country. 

Smart TV PTCLPriceFeatures
Smart TV Regular PackagesRs. 525Smart TV App, TV On Demand, Record, Rewind TV, & Parental Lock

You can also ask for a video on rent service by PTCL. With the service, either you can enjoy a movie at Rs.25, 50, 100, 300, or subscribe to movie bundles from Rs.100 to Rs.239 per month. 


How to change the PTCL wifi password?

How to change the PTCL wifi password?

To change the PTCL wifi password

  1. Open your web browser (that can be Google Chrome or whatever)

  2. Enter the PTCL IP in the search bar which is or

  3. Enter ‘admin’ in username and password

  4. Click on ‘Wireless’ & then ‘Security’

  5. Choose WPA/WAPI passphrase bar

  6. Set a new PTCL WiFi password 

    Click on ‘Apply’ and that’s it!

How to install PTCL Smart TV App on PC?

Download the Smart TV app and enjoy it on smartphones and television. To install the PTCL Smart TV app on PC, go to your browser and enter the PTCL IP which is or Enter ‘admin’ as username and password and follow the procedure given:

> Click on ‘Wireless’
> Choose ‘Advanced’
> Set the ‘Multicast Rate’ to at-least 6Mbps
> Restart your PTCL router

How to install PTCL Smart TV App on PC
If it’s not working for you, Go to ‘Wireless’ and then ‘Basic’ and check the Enable Wireless Multicast Forwarding (WMP). And then reboot your PTCL router. Do let us know in the comments if it works for you.

How to check PTCL bill online?

1. Go to PTCL Bill Payment here
2. Choose your PTCL connection (PTCL Landline/VFone or others)
How to check PTCL bill online
3. Inquire about the PTCL bill by your ‘Landline Number’, ‘Invoice Number’, or ‘Account ID’.
4. Follow the instructions and click on ‘Inquire Bill’
How to check PTCL bill online

And that’s just it. You just got the information about your PTCL online bill.
For Charji, Evo, Vfone PGL, OTT Prepaid, enter your MDN. You can also register for e-bills if you haven’t already.

How to complain PTCL?

Register your complaints on the phone through your PTCL Complaint SMS service with CMP Landline Number+Area Code+Product Code:

Example: CMP 04235867210 BB

LL and BB stand for Landline and Broadband respectively. You can also send “Help” to 0512181218. Or register your complaint online here and fill in the required information.

You can register your complaint for all of your PTCL internet packages.
How to complain PTCL

How to check PTCL number?

Register for your e-bills and get an email from PTCL. Under the email, you will have a few links to see your PTCL number, call usage, and other details. Watch this video to find out the process.

PTCL Speed Test

Do a PTCL speed test with our internet speed checker by clicking on the blue button below. 

Final Words for PTCL Packages

PTCL has the largest coverage area and that’s the number one reason you should check out its packages. Let’s find out other reasons to go PTCL internet packages.

  • Fiber technology 
  • Unlimited downloading
  • Market competitive pricing
  • WiFi modem (Smart Spot)
  • Free unlimited on-net calls
  • Up to 100Mbps internet speed
  • Free Smart TV, Smart TV App, and VAS bundle
  • Availability in more than 2000 cities across the country

But PTCL bundles have pretty bad reviews because of poor up-time connectivity and bad customer support. That’s why you would like to check out other internet packages as well. 

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