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Latest JAZZ Postpaid Packages, Bill Payments & FAQs (2021)

Jazz postpaid packages are great if you enjoy the monthly billing experience after you use the services. On the other hand, the company’s prepaid packages are more popular because they don’t require any security deposits.

In this post, you will also get information about the Jazz postpaid helpline and Jazz postpaid bill. Let’s get to know all the latest Jazz postpaid SMS, call, and data packages right now.

All the Latest Jazz Postpaid Packages 2021

We will start from the standard Jazz postpaid all in one packages. But there are Jazz postpaid bundles specifically for data, SMS, or call.

Standard Jazz Postpaid Bundles (Price Plans)

Postpaid J 300Rs.3501501000 Jazz Mins
150 Other Mins
(500MB for WhatsApp, Twitter, & FB)
Postpaid J 600Rs.6003002000 Jazz Mins
300 Other Mins
Postpaid J 999Rs.99910005000 Jazz Mins
500 Other Mins
Postpaid J 1500Rs.1500
Or Rs.1125/m
for 3 months
70005000 Jazz Mins
500 Other Mins
(+1 GB Social)

Jazz postpaid bundles provide ‘Pooray Maheeney Ka Sakoon’ because they come with minutes, data, and SMS combined. Go for J300 if you are on a budget or enjoy J1500 if you want more by paying less.  

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages

Enjoy these postpaid data bundles for browsing, video streaming, and connecting with your friends online. If you are up for WhatsApp only, you can get 5GB for Rs.75 per month. Have a look at the table below.

Jazz Internet PackagesDATAPRICE
Monthly Streamer2GBRs.250
Monthly WhatsApp5GBRs.75
Monthly Premium5GBRs.500
Monthly Supreme14GBRs.800
Monthly Super24GBRs.1,020
Monthly Ultimate50GBRs.1,870
Data Add On 11GBRs.200
Data Add On 32GBRs.300
Data Add On 34GBRs.400
Subscribe to all these Jazz 4G Postpaid bundles by dialing *443#. Add-ons are not automatically renewed. Customers can only subscribe to a single data bundle at a time. The already subscribed bundle will be replaced with the new bundle subscription.

If you want to check your Jazz internet speed, go to our Internet Speed Checker here

Jazz speed test

You might want to check out: Jazz Prepaid Internet Packages Here

Jazz Postpaid Call Packages

Jazz Gold postpaid packages include J All-Net packages for voice-calling. Choose from the monthly recursive bundles according to your needs. These Jazz postpaid call packages are valid for local networks in Pakistan only. 

J All-Net Lite Rs.1001001 Month
J All-Net Mini Rs.2002001 Month
J All-Net Smart Rs.3003001 Month
J All-Net Super Rs.4004001 Month
J All-Net Budget Rs.5005001 Month
ADD-ON: 100 All Net Rs.1001001 Month
ADD-ON: 200 All NetRs.2002001 Month

Do you find Jazz postpaid call rates different than in the prepaid? Let us know in the comments below. 

Jazz Postpaid SMS Packages

These Jazz postpaid SMS bundles offer for messaging to any network in Pakistan. Sending messages is available throughout 24 hours of the day. And some SMS packages include data for WhatsApp also. 

JSMS-1Rs.50250MB*441*17#1 Month
1 Month
JSMS-3Rs.150No Data*441*19#
1 Month
ADDON: Jazz 2000Rs.50No Data*441*25#1 Month

Jazz postpaid SMS packages are straightforward when it comes messages and pricing.

Hybrid Bolt-Ons Jazz Postpaid Packages

If you want an upgrade to a standard Jazz postpaid package, try Jazz Hybrid Bolt Ons. These are all in one bundles for Jazz postpaid connection.

All in One - BudgetRs.5004GB
(+2GB Social)
All in One - MegaRs.99915GB5005000*448*2#

All these Jazz postpaid bundle add-ons are valid for one month. “Social” means that 2GB data is for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter only.

More About Jazz Postpaid Packages

Jazz Postpaid International Roaming

Yes, you can enjoy Jazz postpaid international roaming wherever you go. If you go to the Jazz international roaming page here, select ‘postpaid’ and you will know all the charges with respect to the relevant country.

Jazz Postpaid International Roaming

You can also recharge while you are on-the-go in UK, US, Spain, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The company partners with Ding, TransferTo, Tranglo, and eTopUpOnline. 

Jazz Postpaid Helpline Number

Jazz postpaid helpline number is 777 or you can also dial 111 for any kind of assistance and information. Dial (021) 111-300-300 or (051) 111-300-300 from the network other Jazz. 

Jazz Postpaid Helpline

Jazz Postpaid Bill

Paying your Jazz postpaid bill is easy. There are several methods given below.

  • Call Jazz postpaid helpline and have a Jazz representative collect your postpaid bill.
  • Buy a Jazz scratch card and dial *123*<14-Digits># to pay the bill.
  • Visit the nearest Jazz franchise to use the Jazz Load service. 
  • Pay by any JazzCash agent or app. To locate the agent, send ‘J’ to 2179 (no charges).
  • Pay your bill through some banks’ ATMs, net banking, and phone banking. 
  • Fill out and submit a Direct Debit Mandate Form along with a copy of your CNIC and front of your debit/credit card. Your Jazz postpaid bill will be debited from your card automatically every month.

Jazz Postpaid Balance Share

The method for Jazz postpaid balance share is the same as of prepaid one. Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX># for sharing your credit with your loved ones. Replace 9230XXXXXXXX with the contact number of your loved one. You can also call Jazz postpaid helpline.

FAQs for Jazz Postpaid Packages

We have tried our best to answer every question about Jazz postpaid connectivity below.

For exploring more, 

How can I subscribe Jazz Postpaid?

For getting a Jazz postpaid connection, visit the nearest Jazz Franchise or Customer Service Center. In the Jazz postpaid application, provide your CNIC copy and submit a security deposit. After converting from prepaid to postpaid, you cannot use your prepaid balance anymore. 

For subscribing to the Jazz postpaid package, consult the nearest franchise first. And dial *7777# to choose special postpaid packages.

How to check Jazz postpaid balance?

Dial *2222# to check your Jazz postpaid balance. Or you can also call Jazz postpaid helpline 777

How to check Jazz postpaid bill details?

To check out your Jazz postpaid e-bill history, dial *1111# inside your phone. You can also send ‘1’ to 03003008000 on WhatsApp, open your Jazz World app, or dial Jazz postpaid helpline 777.

How to pay Jazz postpaid bill?

You can pay your Jazz postpaid bill through a scratch card, Jazz load, JazzCash, Debit cards, banks, and Jazz business centers and franchises. Go above to know more about it.

How to check remaining MBs in Jazz postpaid connection?

Dial *2222# to check remaining free minutes, SMS, and MBs in Jazz postpaid connection. You can also do Jazz postpaid balance check by calling 777

How to convert Jazz Postpaid SIM to Prepaid?

Visit the Jazz nearest franchise with your CNIC. You will be asked for biometric verification and pay your outstanding dues if any. 

How to check free minutes in Jazz Postpaid?

Dial *2222# to check remaining free minutes, SMS, and MBs in Jazz postpaid connection.

How to unsubscribe Jazz Postpaid internet package?

Dial *443# To subscribe or unsubscribe to Jazz postpaid internet packages and follow instructions accordingly.

How to activate 4G on Jazz Postpaid?

Dial *583# to activate Super 4G service for free. 2G and 3G services are activated by default.

How to add FnF number in Jazz Postpaid?

Call 121 for adding FnF number in Jazz Postpaid. After dialing the number, press 1 for FnF administration, select your FnF number and confirm it. There you go!

How to check Jazz Postpaid free minutes?

If you have already subscribed to the Jazz postpaid package, you can dial *2222# to check the remaining Jazz postpaid free minutes.

How can I check my Jazz Postpaid package?

Dial 777 and press 4 or 111 and press 5 to know about your Jazz postpaid package. Or maybe, you don’t even need to press the buttons after calling Jazz postpaid helpline.

What is Jazz postpaid call forwarding code?

>Go to your ‘Call Setting’
>Select ‘Call Divert’
>Choose ‘Divert if Busy’ and press ‘OK’
>Select ‘Other number’
>Enter 142 and press ‘OK’ once again.

How do I do Jazz postpaid card load?

Dial *123*<14-Digits># to load your Jazz postpaid card.

Jazz Postpaid Packages: Final Thought

What we like the most about the Jazz postpaid bundles is their all-in-one offers to cater to your SMS, call, and data needs. What do you think about it? Call Jazz postpaid helpline if you have some questions.

Which method of paying your Jazz postpaid bill do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below. We read all of your comments with love.

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