Jazz Internet Packages

Latest JAZZ Internet Packages Monthly, Weekly, Daily (2021)

Jazz internet packages are exciting because of their low prices and fast internet speed. Whether you are a social geek or a full-time internet guy, Jazz 3G/4G has got you covered. From the table of content, you can go to specific Jazz net packages.

Prepaid Jazz Internet Bundles j(Updated 2021)

Jazz prepaid packages include many daily, weekly, and monthly internet bundles given below.

Jazz Daily Internet Packages

Daily Browser50MB Rs11.95Rs 13.95*117*11#1 Day
Daily Mega1GBRs 25Rs 27*117*4#1 Day
Daily Extreme2GBRs 15Rs 17*757#12am-12pm
Daily Social (FB & WhatsApp) 500MBs Rs 7Rs 9*114*5#1 Day
Daily (YouTube, WhatsApp & FB)1GBRs 15Rs 17*968#1 Day
Social Recursive (FB & WhatsApp) 200MBRs 5.98Rs 7.98*455#1 Day

Jazz daily internet packages are the bundles for 24 hours after they need to be subscribed again. Most of them are for social media. But, you can also enjoy daily browsing and SMS service with Jazz daily internet packages.

Jazz 3 Day Internet Packages

Jazz 3 days internet packages are valid for three consecutive days. Either you can avail 100MB for Rs. 25 or 500MB for Rs 18. The latter is valid from 2 am to 2 pm only. Have a look at the Table for more details. 

3 Day Browser 100MBRs 25Rs 27*117*1#
3 Day
3 Day Extreme 500 MBRs 18Rs 20*114*14#
3 Day (2AM-2PM)
3 Day Max Offer1GB +100 Jazz MinRs 35Rs 37*631#3 Day
Give A Bundle*1GB +100 Jazz MinRs 35Rs 37*919#3 Days
Note: You cannot subscribe to Give A Bundle internet package, you can only gift it to your loved ones. You can gift several Give-A-Bundle to the same number. And there's no limit on gifting transactions in a day.

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Enjoy your social media for a week or browse the internet continuously for 7 days with Jazz internet bundles weekly. There are mega, premium, and social offers out there for you to rock your life with data and connectivity.

We keep updating new bundles here.

Newly Added Weekly Jazz Internet Bundles

Packages: Subah, Sham, Raat Weekly Mega Plus
Dial *453# to get 25GB of data for Rs.275

Hover over to the table for regular Jazz data bundles.

Youtube & Social
(YT, FB, WhatsApp)
Rs.805GBsRs.90*660#7 Days
Jazz Weekly StreamerRs.951GBRs.97*117*7#7 Days
Weekly PremiumRs.1473GBsRs.149*117*47#7 Days
Weekly MegaRs.1797GBsRs.237*159#7 Days
Weekly Mega PlusRs.26724GBsRs.301*453#7 Days
Weekly ExtremeRs.6025GBs (2am-2pm)Rs.68*117*1#7 Days
Weekly Plus210Total 12GBs
(6GBs: 2am–2 pm)
212Dial *157#
7 Days

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages

Do you want to relish continuous internet data for the entire month? Jazz internet bundles have got you covered. Jazz monthly internet packages will keep you hooked to the internet without the hassle of re-subscribing again and again. 

We keep updating new bundles here.

Newly Added Jazz Internet Bundles

Bundle: Monthly Premium | Price: Rs.620
Dial *2000#to get 25GB of data (10GB for YouTube) with 250 all-network minutes for 30 days.

Monthly Mega Plus12GB
(6GB 2am-2pm)
Rs.349Rs.392*117*30#1 Month
Monthly Supreme20GB
(10GB 2am-2pm)
Rs.499Rs.562*117*32#1 Month
Monthly Social
(FB, WhatsApp, IMO)
+12000 SMS
for Gawadar: Rs.100
Rs.100*661#1 Month
Infinity Browser2GBRs.80Rs.90*709#180 Days

These Jazz internet bundles are great but Jazz Super Duper monthly package is more popular than others.

Exciting Offers for Jazz Internet Packages (Updated)

We keep updating all the Jazz net packages and exciting offers, so keep coming back.

Jazz Free Internet Packages

Jazz is generous enough to offer free internet packages if you fulfill some criteria. For example, if you don’t have any internet package, you can still use Facebook for free.

Jazz SIM Lagao Offer

Dial *551*3# to determine if you are eligible for the Jazz SIM Lagao Offer, which offers 6GB of internet data for free. The 3GB data is for WhatsApp only. For subscription, dial *551#.

Jazz SIM Lagao Offer

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

Jazz hourly internet package includes Super Ghanta Offer having 1GB of Data for one hour. Dial *638# to subscribe to the data bundle if you only want to use the internet for an hour. For more details, have a look at the image. 

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

Jazz Data SIM Packages

If you have a Jazz data SIM to fulfill your internet needs, have a sneak-peak into the Jazz data SIM packages. Check out all the Jazz data SIM packages monthly. Hover over to the FAQ section for Jazz SIM data information.

Data SIM Weekly Social5GBRs.60Rs.67*660#*660*4#
Data SIM Weekly YouTube5GBRs.80Rs.90*570#*570*4#
Data SIM Weekly Streamer1GBRs.95Rs.107*117*7#*117*7*4#
Data SIM Weekly Premium3GBRs.147Rs.165*117*47#*117*47*4#
Data SIM Weekly Mega7GBRs.200Rs.235*159#*159*4#
Data SIM Mega for 1 Week20GBRs.266Rs.300*117*48#*117*48*4#
Data SIM Weekly Extreme for Night5GB
Data SIM Monthly Social6GBRs.133Rs.150 *117*45#*117*45*2#
Data SIM Monthly Starter4GB
(2GB 2AM-2PM)
Data SIM Monthly Mega8GB
(4GB 2AM-2PM)
Data SIM Monthly Extreme for Night10GB
Data SIM Monthly Smart15GB
(7.5GB 1AM–9AM)
Data SIM Monthly Basic25GB
(15GB 1AM–1PM)
Data SIM Monthly Regular60GB
(30GB 1AM–1PM)
Data SIM Monthly Mega100GB
(50GB 1AM-1PM)
Data SIM Monthly Heavy150GB
(75GB 1AM–1PM)
Data SIM 3 Months Bundle50 GB/Month
Data SIM 6 Months Bundle100GB/MonthRs.10,666Rs.12,000*117*16#*117*16*4#

Jazz 4G Device Packages for Internet

If you are an avid user of the internet, look no further than a fast Jazz 4G device. Why? It has more generous Jazz net packages without a doubt. Have a look at them and decide. 


We have answered a few questions about the Jazz 4G internet device below. Ask any question in the comments if we have not answered your question. But before that, let’s enjoy the sneak-peak into the Jazz 4G Device.

What is the price of Jazz 4G device?

The prices for three different Jazz 4G devices available in Pakistan are:

> Jazz Super 4G Wingle: Rs. 2500
> Jazz Super 4G WiFi: Rs. 3500
> Jazz Home WiFi: Rs. 5500

Dial *5299# to get any of these internet devices delivered to your home. Or you can visit the nearest Jazz point/franchise.

How can I get the Jazz 4G device?

To get the Jazz 4G device, go to the nearest Jazz Point, retailers, or franchise. Verify your biometric information and select the bundle. You can also dial *6363# to subscribe to Jazz internet device packages.

Which 4G device is best in Pakistan?

Jazz is the fastest internet data network, according to the recent Ookla speed test award. So, we believe the Jazz 4G device is the best in Pakistan. But it really depends on your area. For a more detailed comparison, please visit our list of the best 4G internet devices in the country.

How to unlock Jazz 4G Device MF673

> Power the device on.
> Connect it to your laptop or computer.
> Install the setup.
> Jazz web page will open.
> Change “Quick Setting” and enter ‘admin’ as username and password.
And watch this YouTube video to unlock your Jazz 4G device.

Postpaid Jazz Internet Packages (Updated)

Jazz postpaid internet packages are for you if you are looking for more to pay less every month. On these Jazz net packages for postpaid connection, you use the data service and pay for it later.

These are the Jazz postpaid internet packages only. Check out all other Jazz Postpaid Packages here.  

Jazz Internet PackagesDATAPRICE
Monthly Streamer2GBRs.250
Monthly WhatsApp5GBRs.75
Monthly Premium5GBRs.500
Monthly Supreme14GBRs.800
Monthly Super24GBRs.1,020
Monthly Ultimate50GBRs.1,870
Data Add On 11GBRs.200
Data Add On 32GBRs.300
Data Add On 34GBRs.400
Subscribe to all these Jazz 4G Postpaid bundles by dialing *443#. Add-ons are not automatically renewed. Customers can only subscribe to a single data bundle at a time. The already subscribed bundle will be replaced with the new bundle subscription.

FAQs for Jazz Internet Packages

How to check the Jazz balance?

Dial *111#  to check the Jazz balance. The company deducts almost 12 paisas for that. The standard taxes also apply.

How to share Jazz balance?

Dial *100# to share balance with your loved ones. After dialing the code, enter your loved one’s contact number and the amount of balance you want to share. Or you can do it all at once by dialing *100*0300xxxxxxx*Amount#.

For example, if you want to share the balance of Rs. 50 to 03001234567, you can dial *100*03001234567*50#. You cannot share over 500 rupees per transaction and day. Do another transaction for that. Charges for sharing the balance is Rs. 4.77 plus tax per transaction.

How to check the Jazz number?

Dial *99# or send an empty message to 667 to check the Jazz SIM number. The official Jazz number check code is the former one.

How to check the Jazz internet balance?

To check Jazz remaining MBs, dial the code of your internet package with *2# in the end. For example, if you are using Jazz weekly internet packages, the code becomes *117*47*2#. Why? Because the Jazz subscription code for the weekly internet package was *117*47#.

How to check the Jazz internet package?

To check your current Jazz package, either call 111 or send an empty message to 3838.

How can I get the Jazz packages?

It depends on your desired package. Click here for all the Jazz packages.

How to get free internet on Jazz?

Download the Jazz My World app from the Play Store. Create your account with your Jazz number, click on ‘Daily Reward’ and enjoy free internet on Jazz. You can also enjoy the Jazz 4G SIM Offer, according to which you get 4GB of internet data for free. You need to dial Jazz internet free code *443*7# to determine if you are eligible for the offer.

How to unsubscribe to Jazz data bundles?

To unsubscribe to your internet packages, type ‘unsub’ in the message and send it to 6611. Calling the Jazz helpline will also help.

How to get a Jazz internet setting?

You can get it by sending a message ‘GPRS’ to the Jazz internet setting code 7342. Calling the Jazz helpline number, which is 300, will also help. Or click here to get the setting right now.

How can I get the Jazz loan?

The code for Jazz loan is *112# if you have a Jazz prepaid SIM. The Jazz Advance you will get is Rs. 15 only if you haven’t taken it earlier. Also, you can only get the loan if your balance is below Rs. 100. Or you can hover over to the Jazz app to get the loan.

What is Peak Off-Peak MBs in Jazz?

Jazz Peak off Peak is the Jazz net package for Rs. 24 only. It provides 1.1 GB data volume from 2 am to 2 pm and 100 MB data volume for 24 hours.

How to check the Jazz postpaid bill?

Dial *1111# to check Jazz/Mobilink postpaid bill and dial *2222# to check remaining minutes, SMS, and MBs.

How can I get free 50GB Jazz?

The free 50GB data for the night is the loyalty offer presented by Jazz. You can get it on the third subscription of your Jazz 4G WiFi device packages. Dial *117*8*2# to see if you can avail the Jazz MBB Loyalty Offer.

What is Jazz helpline?

Jazz helpline is 111 or you can also call 300 for automated help.

Speed of Jazz Data Bundles 

The Ookla SpeedTest awarded Jazz for being Pakistan’s fastest mobile network speed in the previous year. The award is the result of 402,534 tests conducted over the network. That’s why we said earlier that Jazz internet packages are the best in terms of price and speed. You can also check your Jazz internet speed with the blue button given below.

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