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Doing the speed test helps you determine your download and upload speed, along with the jitters and pings. You can complain to your internet service providers and let them know the speed you are getting. Our internet speed checker lets you do the Wateen speed test, Zong speed test, Jazz speed test, and many other internet speed tests.

Wateen Speed Test

wateen speed test

Do the Wateen speed test by clicking “Go” on our internet speed checker given above. The company provides fast internet solutions to consumers and businesses as well. It’s an Abu Dhabi Group venture.

 Wateen is Pakistan’s largest fiber-optic network available in limited cities, including Lahore, Islamabad, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Karachi, Kasur, Multan Peshawar. Call Wateen helpline to know if it’s available in your city. And don’t forget to check the latest Wateen internet packages.

Zong Speed Test

Zong speed test

With our internet speed checker given above, you can also do the Zong speed test. The company emerged as the market leader for providing internet in Pakistan. Zong ranks in the Ookla speed test award 2018 and ranks 2nd in 2019.

 The Opensignal, an independent global standard for analyzing consumer mobile experience, recognized Zong as the best in terms of network experience. Have a look at Zong internet packages now.

Jazz Speed Test

Jazz speed test

Doing the Jazz speed test with the tool given above is seamless. The company is the largest mobile network in Pakistan. It’s also the Ookla speed test award recipient for its fastest internet speed in the country.

According to the market statistics, Jazz’s average download speed is 13.04Mbps, and the average upload speed is 9.77Mbps. The company has some exciting internet packages you would like to check.

Ufone Speed Test

ufone speed test

With the tool given above, you can also do the Ufone speed test online. The company ranked fourth in the Ookla speed test award with a speed score of 4.76. It’s not the fastest mobile internet service provider in Pakistan.

 But it works fine. You must have watched its hilarious TVCs. The company started in 2001 in the country and currently is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTCL. Check out the latest Ufone internet packages to tweak your internet life.

Telenor Speed Test

telenor speed test

Do we need to tell you you can also do the Telenor speed test with our tool? Huh! Anyway, Telenor is a multinational telecom company majorly owned by the government of Norway.

 It’s one of the largest mobile telecommunication companies in the world. But its focus of interest is in Scandinavia and Asia. Telenor ranked third in the Ookla speed test award in the previous year. Do not forget to check out the latest Telenor internet packages in the country.

WiTribe Speed Test

wi tribe speed test

WiTribe provides high-speed internet in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi only. If you are in these cities, check out WiTribe packages because of the low prices and great internet speed.

 Do the WiTribe speed test with our tool if you already have their internet service. Witribe gives a tough competition for speed and pricing. And if you do the Wateen speed test and compare the results with that of Witribe, you will see fierce competition.

Cybernet Speed Test

Cybernet speed test

Run the Cybernet speed test with the tool given above and rock! If you didn’t already know about the company, it’s known for being the pioneer of internet service providers in Pakistan. It’s focus on providing internet solutions to enterprises, small businesses, and multi-homes.

The Cybernet is available in 20 cities in Pakistan, offering several tech services. It may not be for you if you are an individual. Call the company to check out Cybernet packages.

Fiberlink Speed Test

fiberlink speed test

Fiberlink launched its internet services years ago in Pakistan. The company has considerable geographic coverage and a vast range of internet solutions. It’s actively available in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, and Hyderabad.

 If you already have an internet connection provided by the company, you can do the Fiberlink speed test with our tool given above. And don’t forget to check out their internet packages.

Stormfiber Speed Test

stormfiber speed test

This company has made its name for providing internet services in Pakistan. You can do the Stormfiber speed test if you already have their services. And if you don’t, check out Stormfiber packages here.

 The company has provided its services in Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Multan, Gujranwala, Quetta, and Hyderabad. As you can see, the company’s coverage area is immense without a doubt.

Qubee Speed Test

qubee speed test

Run the Qubee speed test with the tool given at the top of the page. The HB Group of companies owns the company. It uses WiMax to provide fast and reliable internet to Pakistanis.

Qubee Pakistan is a complete wireless internet solution and doesn’t need any phone line. That’s what we like about it. If you have questions, Call Qubee’s contact number 021-111-078-233 right now. And check out Qubee packages for the internet here.

Etisalat Speed Test

etisalat speed test

Yeah, we know Etisalat isn’t in Pakistan but the UAE. We have enlisted the company here because we want to prove that our speed checking tool can be used for any internet service. Do the Etisalat speed test if you are in the Emirates, using the service. And let us know if it works out for you.

We created the above-given tool to test your internet speed using the Ookla SpeedTest technology. That’s why you can trust the results without a doubt. Test your internet regardless of your internet service provider. It doesn’t matter whether you do the Wateen speed test or Etisalat speed test; just click “Go” and do it.