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MobileHQ offers detailed and latest information about telecom packages in Pakistan.

We have always been fascinated by how mobile phones have changed our lives. One of our geeky co-founders even worked in the smartphone marketing industry. Share your views about his online venture. 

MobileHQ is empowered by you and managed by a husband-wife combo in Multan. Our mission is to make the information useful with Urdu-box, FAQs, and tables so you make informed decisions when buying mobiles and telecom bundles.

At Mobilehq.pk, we have four major categories:

We hope you enjoy your time here. Have a look at our FAQs below to dig deeper 🙂

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Our priority at MobileHQ is the accuracy of the information for mobile phones and telecom bundles. However, we don’t make any expressed or implied warranty for any information, product, or service. We assume no legal liability or responsibility for that as well. Reference to any commercial information or author’s views about a company, product, or service doesn’t imply endorsement or recommendation.